Ventilation Purification Home Frequently Asked Questions Important Facts

The EPA says if not properly installed, maintained, and operated, components of forced air systems may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen or other debris. When moisture is present, the potential for microbiological growth, or mold, increases and spores from such growth may be released into the home's living space. Some of these contaminants may cause allergic reactions or other symptoms in people if they are exposed to them.

Q. Can dirty air ducts cause me and my family to get ill?
The major problem with dirty ducts is that they are a breeding ground for a range of microbial, bacteria, pollutants, irritants, and allergens. Left unchecked, these pollutants can then be pumped into your rooms via your HVAC system.

Scientific testing is currently underway, but the Environmental Protection Agency has indicated that indoor air quality is severely worse than outdoor, and could be the cause of a number of illnesses and infections. HVAC duct cleaning can prevent the spread of pollutants through your house.

Q. Can HVAC air duct cleaning save me money on energy?
A build up of dust, debris, and pollutants within the HVAC system means that it is put under increased pressure. In order to combat this, the various components of the HVAC system will work harder. As a consequence they will consume more and more energy. Also, dryer ducts may become little more than a gaping hole to the outside world that enables the cold air to flow freely through your home, once they are clogged up with dirt. HVAC duct cleaning ensures that the HVAC system can work under less pressure and that ducts and vents are not clogged and inoperable.

Q. How often should my furnace be cleaned and inspected?
Both the Environmental Pollution Agency (EPA) and your furnace manufacturer recommend having your furnace cleaned and inspected annually. According to the EPA, a buildup of .042 inches of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21%.

Q. Is my house going to get dusty?
No, the vacuum remains inserted in the trunk-line throughout the process so under normal circumstances that is avoided. You should see just the opposite. Most people notice a significant decrease in dust after their air ducts have been cleaned.

Q. How often should I clean my air ducts out?
We recommend this be done every 2-4 years in most cases. We have many customers who have us back annually, and some every two years like clockwork. If any member of your home suffers from allergies or asthma to dust then we recommend that you have your ducts cleaned more frequently. If you've recently completed renovations to your home or if you are moving into a new home, then air duct cleaning is a must.

Seven Benefits to Air Duct Cleaning
  1. Less dusting
  2. Breathe fresher indoor air
  3. May improve allergy symptoms
  4. May reduce sinus symptoms
  5. Can improve the air flow in your homes air ducts
  6. Rids your home of dust mites
  7. Saves you money on electric/utility bills

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